Debris dumping along Beas, tributaries, alarms Kullu Manali residents

Manali: Contractors and villagers engaged in construction of private houses and government works resorting to dumping debris and junk in River Beas and along its tributaries, ahead of monsoon rains is causing alarm in Kullu- Manali valley.

“Unrelenting debris dumping is not only posing a threat to human habitations but has also endangered aquatic life by polluting the very river”, says Joginder Rana a resident of  Karjan village.

Muck dumped along a Beas tributary

Unconcerned about the authorities, debris is even being dumped along the highway to Kullu – Manali as well as the left bank highways, Prini Nallah, Aloe Nallah, Jagatsukh Nallah, Sajla Nallah , Haripur Nallah and other tributaries that make up the Beas River catchment.

Hectic construction activity and the much generated is even being dumped on forest lands and with monsoons arrival around the debris dumped along the riverside threatens bridges and roads from being washed away in any heavy downpour or a flash flood.

Unchecked by the district authorities, tractors operated by the villagers and contractors are involved dumping the debris that is mostly done at night.

Expressing concern Kamlesh Bodh, an environmentalist said, “unabated quarrying and dumping by hydro power projects should be checked in the valley.”

Recalling the flash floods of 1995 when devastating flash floods wrecked havoc in Kullu Manali valley that washed away large tracts of the road and caused losses to human and animal lives, Bodh said, “given the extent to which the natural streams and roadsides have been loaded with loose muck and debris, it’s a ready recipe for a disaster waiting to happen should it rain heavily in the monsoon period.

He also demanded that the district administration needed to show more concern for the environment and allocate dumping sites, which could save the valleys fragile ecology.

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  1. says: lkkapoor

    Kullu- Manali is not the only example in HP but whole Himachal has the same “Kahani”. We have the policy but no spirit to follow. We, by ourselves have to mend the ways if really interested to save environment. No Government can police our action, whatsoever, we may say.

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