Summer forest fires devour green cover

Summer fires in pine forests around Shimla airport

Shimla: A sudden rise in mercury in the past few days has triggered off forest fires, causing widespread damage to the forest wealth in the hill state.

A senior officer of the department said most of the fires are being reported from the pine forests as trees shed pine needles in summer.

Being highly flammable, the pine forest floors are highly prone to igniting a forest fire as day temperatures rise

The forest fire here was raging near a village close to Jubbar Hatti, where the Shimla airport is located, yesterday night.

Photo by Amit

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  1. says: Hill Post

    That’s sad Abhay . Considering the scale of damage caused by forest fires every year in Himachal, there is a dire need to spread awareness among residents of the state and make the forest department employees ready to deal with such accidents.

  2. What I think awareness is required among people, we have subjects like environment science in schools “Health and Safety” should also be introduced which should cover common households, roads, construction, forest etc… for an example if one is aware of the fact that forest fire kills not only burns trees but kills 100’s of birds & animals so when one is aware of the fact that their ignorance can kill 100’s of living things one will act more cautiously..Hill people are sensitive it’s lack of awareness I think.. When I was 10 years old I did some thing like this in a small village near sujanpur…(( then my old nani Explained above to me…

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