Manali lines up Summer Sundowners festival in June

Manali: As summer peaks in the popular tourist town Himachal Tourism along with Soul Curators has lined up a music and arts festival ‘Manali Summer Sundowners for the month of June.

Starting 1st June, the ‘Manali Summer Sundowners’ festival will be held every Friday and Saturday and it would showcase an eclectic mix of traditional and contemporary music, arts, photography, documentaries and other engaging activities,” Vivek Binepal of Soul Curators.

Based on ‘green’ theme, the festival is Himachal’s biggest music and arts festival that promotes the concept of responsible travel and concert tourism in India, he added.

Drawing fans from all over India and the world, the 2-day “Manali Summer Sundowners” will establish the city as a weekend destination and the Festival itself as a new holiday tradition, he said.

The event has economic and cultural benefits for Manali in particular and the region in general,” says Rup Singh Negi, president Manali Municipal Council.

Besides local artists, bands like Rock Veda, Highway 61, Rishi Inc, Kaash, Ashwamedh, Fbi-The Verbal Prophetz, Hundred Octane, The Mangalz and Astitva expected to participate in the festival.

The Music Festival would present all genres of music such as contemporary, Classical, Sufi, Jazz, Blues, Fusion, Rock, Pop, Alternative and Live Jams.

Festival will also showcase documentary screenings at the Soul Film Festival, Art & Photography, Motorcycling tours, Day excursions to temples & Tibetan Monasteries, Alternate Lifestyle Courses & Himachal Ayurveda, Hiking around the Great Himalayan National Parks, Nature walks, Camping options and lots more.

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