Haryana farmers get Rs.10,697 crore for procured wheat

Chandigarh: Having achieved the highest wheat production in the state since 1966, Haryana farmers are richer by Rs.10,697 crore – the procurement price paid to them for the produce.

Of the record over 83,25,781 tonnes of wheat reaching the state’s grain markets, over 83,25,000 tonnes have been procured by six government agencies, a spokesperson of the state food and supplies department said Sunday.

Around 463 tonnes of wheat have been purchased by private traders.

The Haryana government set up 374 procurement centres across the state to ensure hassle-free procurement of wheat.

The previous wheat procurement record of 69,28,000 tonnes was in 2011.

Haryana was created as a separate state Nov 1, 1966. Before that, its areas were part of Punjab.

The districts leading in wheat procurement include Sirsa, Karnal and Faridabad.


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