Team Anna member Kejriwal refuses apology to Virbhadra’s defamation notice

Shimla: Team Anna member Arvind Kejriwal has refused to apologize in a defamation notice served on him by union minister Virbhadra Singh over publically having leveled corruption allegations.

After having threatened to sue Kejriwal for defamation over allegedly listing out Virbhadra Singh among others as tainted ministers in the Manmohan Singh led UPA government, the latter had had a defamation notice served on him earlier.

Releasing the letter written in response to the defamation notice to the media (a copy with Hill Post) Kejriwal says that the union minister was facing serious corruption charges and the matter was before a trial court.

Enclosing a copy of a CD allegedly containing the voice of the union minister and his wife about illegal money deals being talked about in the recorded conversation Kejriwal says that despite Virbhadra having disowned his voice in the conversation, a Chandigarh based forensic lab had concluded that the voice was that of the minister.

He also points out that the courts had refused to quash the FIR in the case, and the minister remains an accused before the courts.

In such a situation I consider I have not made any mistake for which I need to apologize,” states Kejriwal.

The Team Anna member also writes that it appeared that BJP and Congress were in collusion in Himachal when it came fighting corruption for though having been in power turn wise, neither party when in power had pressed corruption charges against leaders of the other party despite having leveled serious charges.

He also points out that the common man cannot expect a fair investigation in such  cases as the entire investigating agencies are under the charge of governments, who serve to protect the leaders.

Only a strong and independent Lokpal could help to investigate corruption charges says Kejriwal for which he also sought Virbhadra’s support before the UPA government.

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