Hindustan Salt Ltd keen to mine salt in Himachal

Shimla:  State-run Hindustan Salts Ltd has again shown interest in mining rock salt in north India’s only mines located in Himachal Pradesh, state Industries Minister Kishan Kapoor said here today.

Hindustan Salts Ltd applied to the state industries department in last December for the fresh mining lease in Darang and Gumma areas of Mandi district, Kapoor said.

He said failure of the company to obtain necessary clearances and permission (under the mining rules) led to the closure of the salt mines Jan 15, 2011.

“Hindustan Salts Ltd was extracting 1,500 metric tonnes of salt every year from Darang and Gumma mines,” the minister said.

On granting a mining lease, Kapoor said a joint survey of the area would be conducted by the state’s forest, industry and revenue departments before allowing the company to restart extraction.

He said the company has so far paid Rs.9.17 lakh out of the committed royalty of Rs.30.71 lakh to the state.

However, the minister added, there is not any proposal from the company for setting up a solution mining unit in the joint sector.

The raw salt extracted from the Mandi mines is used for cattle consumption only. It’s not being refined to be made fit for human consumption.


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