Bhattal lambasts Cpt. Amarinder Singh over Punjab poll debacle

Chandigarh: Blame game in Punjab Congress got ugly with senior congress leader Rajinder Kaul Bhattal lashing out at party president Captain Amarinder Singh over the recent poll debacle.

Reacting to media reports wherein Cpt Amarinder on Saturday was said to have stated that Bhattal was incharge of election on 10 seats but could only ensure victory on two, which included that of her son, the latter responded by calling the state party president a ‘corrupt coward.’

“He is a master at telling lies, a coward and a corrupt man, known for running away in mid battle,” said Bhattal.

She claimed that of the 13 candidates she had got a ticket for, 9 had won, whereas of the 34 tickets given out on Amarinder’s recommendation on two had won.

Bhattal added that Amarinder was becoming forgetful because of his age. “He should honourably retire now,” she said.

At the same time she warned that the congress president should stop making false statements about her. If he doesn’t, I will expose him further,” she said.

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