Mumbai sees coldest March day in 43 years

Mumbai : Mumbai Saturday saw its coldest March day in 43 years, with the minimum temperature dipping to 12.7 degrees Celsius, weather officials said.

The previous low for the month – 13.8 degrees C – was recorded March 30, 1968.

Today’s low for March was 1.1 degrees lower than the previous lowest for the month, the official said.

Incidentally, the lowest Mumbai temperature – 8 degrees Celsius – in the past four years was recorded on Feb 8 this year.

Barely two weeks later, the city’s highest temperature – 39.1 degrees Celsius – in the past ten years was recorded.

The sharply fluctuating temperatures in Mumbai are attributed to the severe winter in the northern hemisphere, snowfall and cold weather conditions in north India and continuing western disturbances.

The weather patterns in the past few weeks – oscillating between very warm days and unusually cool nights, with similar differences in the humidity levels – have hit Mumbaikars with several health problems.

However, the low temperatures are expected to continue for the next four days before the days get warmer, the official said.

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