India begins operation ‘pralaya’ in Arunachal

Shillong : The Indian Air Force (IAF), together with the Indian Army, has begun yesterday a major war game codenamed Pralayâ in the Eastern sector.

Su-30 MKI, Mirage-2000, Mig-29, Jaguar, Bison, Mi-17, AN-32, C-130, AWACS and Flight Refuelling aircraft would be tested on their combat potential during the exercise.

The annual joint exercise with the Army is also being conducted in Arunachal Pradesh, considered one of the most vulnerable areas India shares with its neighbours. The emphasis is on Special Forces operating during night together with ground forces and forces have been moved in from all over the country.

Bombing missions at air to ground ranges by all aircraft under dense air defence environment is being practiced. Keeping in pace with modern technology, the exercise includes aspects of network centric operations, electronic and Information warfare, an IAF statement said.

The exercise would test the combat potential of the Air Force in various roles like Air Defence, strike operations, offensive ground support operations, counter air operations, Electronic Warfare.

The exercise would culminate in a long range bombing missions simulating deep strikes in enemy territory.

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