Flipkart services collapse in Shimla

Shimla :Services of Flipkart an online Bangalore based company have gone from bad to worse in the popular tourist hill station of Shimla and other towns across Himachal Pradesh , say customers .

Product orders which the company promises to deliver in 2 to 3 days and some in 5 or 6 days are easily taking more than two to three weeks .

Customers say despite repeatedly calling and mailing customer care the services do not improve .

The standard reply is the courier boys of the Blue Dart Courier Company find the premises of customers locked , as if the whole of Shimla and other towns of the hill state are out of station all the time .

The courier company is known to return products without even visiting the delivery addresses and strangely the customer is blamed not the courier company’s shoddy services .

Customers say often the products are shipped very late from the Flipkart warehouses across India and the customers are rarely informed .

They say until some months ago an email and mobile text message from Flipkart would always keep them informed but this doesn’t happen now .

Customers who pay in advance undergo maximum stress .

The other complaint is the Flipkart customer care people are very rude , ill mannered and unprofessional in their behavior .

Another customer said , “I would rather pick up books and music CDs from a nearby store at a slightly higher price instead of undergoing stress dealing with Flipkart .

Another angry customer told the Hill Post , “ Let a world online shopping giant like Amazon spread in India , it will shake Flipkart and teach them some work ethics .”

Flipkart claims to be among the top 30 Indian web sites and has been credited with being India’s largest online bookseller with over 11 million titles on offer.

Flipkart broke even in March 2010 and claims to have had at least 100% growth every quarter since its founding.

The store started with selling books and in 2010 branched out to selling CDs, DVDs, mobile phones and accessories, cameras, computers, computer accessories and peripherals, pens and office supplies.

It also sells other electronic items such as home appliances, kitchen appliances, personal care gadgets and health care products.

From just 2 employees in 2007 it now employs over 4500 people .

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  1. says: GSG

    Flipkart has nowhere claimed to be to be “among the top 30 Indian web sites”. It ranks among the top 30 websites in terms of traffic, and this is a ranking by independent website ranking sites like Alexa.com. So, it’s wrong to say that “Flipkart claims”.

  2. says: Jotish Sharma

    Flipkart is pathetic….I ordered a product which had to be be delivered 5 days ago according to the info on the website…but i still do’t have it.I called the customer care too but i didn’t got any better responce.I think we should let flipkart go to hell and shop from some good shopping websites like snapdeal and ebay.

  3. says: vinod sharma

    I ordered a Programming book but still not received. according to the info of the flip kart it had to be delivered on 2-3 business days, but i have already waited more then 12 days. i also called the customer care number but the guy told me that you will received the product within two days but i am still waiting for my book.
    So i would you like to inform all of my friends who are
    planning to buy the product through Flip-kart. please do not buy any product through this website. their service is very poor.


  4. says: Yogesh

    I think before blaming flipkart HP should improve on its interior roads and connectivity. I am a himachali but you can’t put the blame on others like this. I have ordered thousands time from flipkart and they have never disappointed me. They were always on time. People should wake up n realise ki hi Hp itna pilchada Kyo hai? We have all the raw resources but still we lag. We need to help our himachal grow up. It’s high time

  5. says: Customer care

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