Congress creates ruckus on budget session opening day

Opposition demands resignation of health minister Rajeev Bindal

Shimla: Opposition Congress created a ruckus in the assembly today after the demand for a discussion on an adjournment motion over alleged land deals by Health Minister Rajiv Bindal was not allowed by Speaker Tulsi Ram. He ruled that the notice was not served in time.

As the house re-assembled after the governors address on the opening day of the budget session, opposition leader Vidya Stokes drew the chairs attention to a notice moved under rule 67 moved by her seeking a debate on the purported land deals, Congress members were on their feet when the Speaker informed the house that he had received no such notice.

When Stokes pointed out that the notice was given at 10.30 a.m. today, the Speaker said such notices should need to be given much in advance and allowing an adjournment motion at short notice was not possible.

With the logjam persisting, Congress members started raising slogans. Sensing more trouble, the Speaker adjourned the house for the day and announced that it would re-assemble on Monday afternoon.
Congress members continued to protest outside the house and some members from the ruling party attempted to shout down the opposition members by raising counter slogans.

Talking to reporters opposition leader Stokes and Pradesh Congress President Kaul Singh Thakur demanded resignation of Bindal saying the minister was booked for wrongful recruitment in Solan Municipal Council by Vigilance and Anti-corruption bureau and the case was awaiting prosecution sanction with the government.

Government loud claims about a transparent administration was a hoax said Stokes, as was deliberately sitting over the prosecution sanction in the case.

The house will not be allowed to function unless the government does not give sanction to prosecute the health Minister,” she said.

Asking for a CBI probe into land purchases by Bindal, senior Congress leader Kaul Singh said that the health minister had deliberately concealed land ownership details in the affidavit filed before the election commission at the time of filing nominations in 2007. He alleged that the minister had purchased land from below poverty line families.

We in the opposition will continue to protest, if the chief minister fails to sack the health minister, said Kaul Singh.

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