And now to Mansarovar by car

Dehradun : With the Border Roads Organisation (BRO) having made the road till the Mana Pass fully motorable, it will now be possible to undertake a journey to the Kailash Mansarovar lake by personal or hired vehicles without undergoing the arduous trek that is currently to be done on the Indain side of the pilgrimage.

The road on the Chinese side to the Mansarovar lake is already motorable and in fact that part of the journey by the devouts of Lord Shiva is undertaken in vehicles. However, the necessary formalities between the governments of India and china will have to be completed before it will be possible to undertake a journey to Mansarovar in a vehicle.

Chief engineer, BRO Shiwalik Project, Brig S K Grover told the Hill Post that the road was linked rto Mana Pass on Sept 13 last year and it was now fully motorable. In fact, he hastened to add that vehicles were now plying on the road and there were no complaints so far of any nature.

Though he said that now one could undertake a journey to Mansarovar in vehiles as the entire route was now fully motorable, both on the Indian and Chinese side, but it would depend whether China extends the facility of undertaking the journey in its territory to Indian pilgrims. No such policy decision had been taken by the two countries so far, he claimed.

Brig Grover said that earlier the highest road in the world was at Hadungla in Leh, which was passing over a height of 18,300 ft, but now with the Mana Pass road becoming motorable, it was the highest road in the world going at a height of 18,400 ft.

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