Himachal, Punjab raise Rs 250 Cr debt each in RBI auction

Shimla: Himachal Pradesh and Punjab were among the 12 states in the country that raised debt by selling 10 year State Development Loan of Rs 250 crore each, yesterday, a Reserve Bank of India communiqué stated.

While the Himachal Pradesh loan of Rs 250 Cr was raised at a weighted average yield of 8.6 percent, an equal amount of loan raised by Punjab was at a weighted average yield of 8.6242 percent.

Results of the RBI loan auction, due in 2022, showed that Maharashtra raised Rs 2000 crores, Madhya Pradesh, Rs 1500 Cr, Kerala Rs 1380 Cr, Bihar Rs 1281 Cr, Karnataka Rs 1250 Cr, Tamil Nadu Rs 1200 Cr,
West Bengal Rs 1000 crore and Haryana Rs 750 Crore.

North eastern hill states of Meghalaya and Tripura raised a state development loan of Rs 50 crore each.

The yield spread ranged from 8.6 % for the states of HP, Meghalaya and Tripura to a high of 8.6572 percent of Madhya Pradesh for the Rs 10961 crore loan raised in the RBI auction on the day.

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