CPIM raps Himachal govt on cement prices

: The CPIM Wednesday accused the Himachal government for failing to reduce the prices of cement and said it was misleading the people by making false claims that the prices had come down .

“The Dhumal led BJP government is making false claims that prices of cement have been reduced by Rs 25 per bag . In reality the prices have come down only by Rs 10 per bag ,” said Sanjay Chauhan , CPIM leader here .

“Why is chief minister Dhumal , his ministers and officials making false statements that the prices have been reduced by Rs 25 per bag ,” Chauhan said .

“It is very unfortunate that the government is allowing cement companies to loot the people of the state by charging prices much higher than neighbouring states ,” he said .

“A cement bag is costing Rs 265 to Rs 295 in neighbouring states which is Rs 35 to Rs 50 bags less than Himachal ,” he said .

He said the high prices are being allowed to prevail despite many incentives being provided by the state government to ACC , Ambuja , JP Cement and CCI .

Three more companies are in the process of setting up cement plants in the state .

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