Team Anna writes to PM, wants ‘real anti-corruption law’

New Delhi : In an open letter to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and parliamentarians, Team Anna has urged them to come out with “a real anti-corruption law” to tackle corruption.

Team Anna, led by Anna Hazare, in the open letter said they are “keen that the best possible law” emerges from the debate in the “people’s Houses”.

India Against Corruption, the umbrella body under which the campaign for a strong Lokpal has been launched, said although their opposition to some portions of the bill introduced in parliament remains, they want parliamentarians to include some of their points too.

They said they want the Lokpal and Lokayuktas to suo motu initiate their own investigations without a complaint or reference from anyone.

“We urge Parliament’s consideration and adoption of these points, to give the country a real anti-corruption law. Our opposition to various other provisions of the draft bill remains, and we will take up the fight for improvements to the legislation in the months and years ahead.”

The winter session of parliament, which was to end Dec 22, has been extended for three days Dec 27-29 to discuss the Lokpal bill. Hazare has announced he will be fasting for the three days and has announced a ‘jail bharo’ from Dec 30 and 31 to push for the law.

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