Kolkata hospital fire toll rises to 89

At least 89 people have died in Kolkata’s AMRI hospital blaze Friday . People were trapped and suffocated in the multi-storey building. It is the worst fire accident in any hospital in India ever .

The fire began before dawn from the basement of the building and soon engulfed four floors, trapping hundreds of people mostly critically ill patients .

The dead include 85 patients and 3 hospital staffers . Most of the deaths took place due to suffocation .Over 50 rescued patients are being treated at a nearby hospital .

Efforts are still on to look for survivors and bodies and to put out the smouldering and flickering fires inside the building .

Co-founded by the Emami & Shrachi Groups along with the West Bengal government in 1996, the hospital was once rated as amongst India’s best apparently was not properly equipped to fight fire .

Emami Group Chairman R.S. Goenka and Shrachi Group’s R.S. Todi — and four other directors of the hospital were arrested , chief minister Mamta Banerjee said . The hospital’s licence has been cancelled.

Reports said the fire brigade allegedly reached the hospital two hours late and was initially ill-equipped , coming without masks and with only poor manual lifts – to deal with the massive fire .

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