ICICI bank ATMs out of order in Shimla

Shimla : For several weeks now the ICICI bank’s ATMs at Shimla’s famous Mall road are out of order causing a lot of inconvenience to tourists and locals in this tourist hub of Himachal Pradesh .

There are three machines installed at the Mall near scandal point but almost always they are out of order .

“These machines work in fits and starts and then suddenly go dead .We have been complaining to the ICICI branch officials but nobody seems to be bothered ,” one regular customer told the Hill Post .

“There was a time when this ATM was always in working order but of late the service has deteriorated while ATM service has improved in many PSU banks in the vicinity ,” complained another customer .

The other complaint of customers here is that the bank has cut bank hours and there is no business after 6 P.M. on weekdays .Earlier
working hours continued upto 8 P.M. in this bustling locality of Shimla .

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