Himachal police seize huge haul of sanders wood

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: Police in Himachal Pradesh on Thursday raided a highway house and seized sanders wood worth several crores in the Jeori area of Shimla district, police said .

The state vigilance and anti-corruption team led by DSP Virender Kalia raided a private house in Kochhari near Jeori 150 km from Shimla and found about 15 to 20 tonnes tonnes of red sanders wood worth crores of rupees. The counting and weighing of the contraband is still going on .The wood was stored in two rooms , Kalia said .

The police posed as buyers of the precious wood and trapped the culprits .Four persons have been arrested .
The hammer markings on the wood indicate the sandars wood has been smuggled from South India .
The logs are 4 to 8 feet long and 40 inches thick .

In north India, Himachal Pradesh has become a soft state for peddling sandars wood to China because of its porous border with the dragon country.

Last year two truckloads of sanders wood weighing 12 tonnes worth 6 crores rupees was seized in Sumdo in Spiti near the Chinese border. This too was a case of cross-border smuggling involving a big gang .

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