Explosives from Britain found at Bahrain airport

Manama : A package that came from Britain and contained explosives has been detected at the Bahrain International Airport, Xinhua reported.

Bahraini security authorities announced Wednesday evening that they found the package at the airport in Muharraq, an island on the northern tip of Bahrain, about seven km northeast of the capital Manama.

The interior ministry said the explosives were reportedly sent from Britain through Dubai.

It, however, did not give details of the passenger from whom the package was seized nor the airlines the passenger travelled with.

On Dec 4, a blast occurred in a minibus parked near the British embassy in Manama, when Shia Muslims were taking part in a religious procession. There were no casualties, the interior ministry said.

The blast came a day after reports in the British media said former assistant commissioner at London’s Metropolitan Police John Yates was appointed by Bahrain to help its interior ministry’s security forces.

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