Uttar Pradesh will be transformed: Rahul

Lucknow : Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi Saturday said he was “ready to give in writing” that Uttar Pradesh would be “back on the development track within five years” and undergo a “makeover” in 10 years if his party comes to power.

“Uttar Pradesh has shown way to the entire country, but your government has failed to even provide you with good roads, employment, drinking water, electricity and other amenities,” Gandhi told a public gathering in Maharajganj district, 300 km from here, on the last day of his mass contact programme.

“For the last 20 years, the state has been getting only a government that works on caste and religion basis,” he said.

“Within five years, the country’s backbone – Uttar Pradesh – would be brought back on the development track. And in 10 years, it would undergo such a makeover that the people of the state would themselves not recognise the state.”

“I can give this in writing… If you want, I am even ready to sign (my statement),” added the Gandhi scion, accusing the Mayawati government of ignoring development and misusing the central government’s funds meant for the poor and underprivileged.

The Congress MP had Tuesday embarked on a five-day mass contact programme ahead of the state assembly polls next year.

“Due to their bitter experiences in the last 20 years, it appears the people in Uttar Pradesh have lost hope and think they would get a similar non-serious government this time also,” Gandhi said.

“But I have not lost the hope. Don’t forget the contribution of Uttar Pradesh’s people… I believe this time the state would get a ‘government-for-all’ in the form of the Congress. We would together transform the state,” he added.

Terming the Mayawati government “anti-farmer”, the Congress leader said: “The stocks of fertiliser meant for the farmers of the state are being sold in black markets. The farmers are not being given urea and fertilisers. The stock is going to Nepal.”

“We (central government) are sending adequate stocks (of fertiliser) but the officials are making money from them…Why can’t Mayawati see all this? Probably because she doesn’t interact with the farmers and blindly believes her officials,” added Gandhi, citing irregularities in distribution of fertiliser at an IFFCO (Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative Limited) centre where he paid a surprise visit.

“Whenever any farmer in the state stands up for his right, he is shot at on the directions of the state government. It happened in Tappal and Bhatta-Parsual,” the leader said.

Expressing concern over the lack of employment opportunities in Uttar Pradesh, Gandhi said: “Not a single company comes here…It’s only because of ‘gondagardi’ (lawlessness) and poor development. With the government of the common man, we would bring employment in Uttar Pradesh that would prevent the people here from migrating to Punjab, Delhi, Haryana and other places.”

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