Tablets, mobile phones are future of short films: Mike Pandey

Panaji : Tablets and mobile phones are the future platforms of documentaries and short films, president of the Indian Documentary Producers’ Association (IDPA) Mike Pandey said Saturday.

The wildlife film maker, who was speaking to reporters at the 42nd International Film Festival of India here, said that the IDPA in association with the union ministry for information and broadcasting was also looking at starting a pan-India and global movement of screening award winning documentary films at schools and universities.

“The future of documentaries and short films is on tabloids and mobile phone. We have to work in that direction and promote the use of technology for screening of films,” Pandey said.

The Green Oscar award winner also said that the IDPA had tied up with the ministry as “knowledge partners” and would help in selecting award winning short films.

“Some of these award winning films are not shown anywhere. It is very unfortunate. Schools and universities will be roped in this exercise, so that films on social subjects are taken to the grass roots where they really matter,” Pandey said.

He said that, on an average, 2,000-odd short films were made in India annually.

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