Stomach that! 421 coins, bolts found in man’s belly

Raipur : It took S.N. Yadav a few moments to make sense of what he saw in the operation theatre. After all, it isn’t every day a doctor sees a patient carrying six kg of metal – 421 coins, dozens of nuts and bolts and three key rings — in his stomach!

Though the doctor in Chhattisgarh’s industrial town Korba successfully completed the two-hour surgery on Kaleshwar Singh Saturday, a question is still hovering in his mind: “How was he carrying six kg of iron-made items for several months?”

The patient, however, died Monday as his condition suddenly deteriorated.

The 26-year-old Singh was brought to Shristi Institute of Medical Research Saturday in acute pain. After serious blockage was found in his stomach in a sonography, Yadav decided to conduct an immediate surgery.

“I was stunned to find 421 coins, dozens of nuts and bolts and three key rings in his stomach. The patient who survived the operation and showed signs of improvement for the first two days, died Monday as his condition deteriorated all of sudden and efforts to save him went in vain,” Yadav said by phone from Korba, located some 220 km north from Raipur.

Yadav said Kaleshwar was in acute pain for about three months and had consulted a few doctors in his village Korkoma, about 20 km from Korba, but his problem was not detected.

Kaleshwar’s family members thought he was suffering from some mania, which made him eat everything he found.

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