Parliament again shuts down over FDI

New Delhi : Both houses of parliament were Wednesday again adjourned for the day without any business being conducted as the standoff continued between the government and the opposition over the decision to allow foreign equity in retail.

The Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha were adjourned minutes after the houses resumed on the seventh day of the 21-day winter session.

The presiding officers first adjourned the houses till noon and then for the day as opposition members protested noisily, demanding a rollback of the cabinet decision to allow 51 percent foreign direct investment (FDI) in multi-brand retail and 100 percent in single-brand retail.

The government has remained firm on its FDI decision.

The standoff between the government and opposition over the FDI and other issues, including price rise, Telangana and black money, have led to a stalemate that has seen parliament not functioning for the first seven days of the winter session.

It means 33 percent of allotted time for the Nov 22-Dec 21 winter session has already been wasted. The session is to consider key bills, including the anti-graft Lokpal bill.

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