Ozone launches facial treatment kits in Shimla

Shimla : Ozone Ayurvedics on Thursday entered Himachal Pradesh by launching age specific facial treatment kits in Shimla .

Ozone Ayurvedic is a component of the Ozone group of companies specialising in natural organic skin care products .

“These age-specific treatment kits address acne and oily skin problems . Complexion brightening , skin nourishing and toning , combating fine lines and wrinkles ,” said H.K.Gupta , ED , Ozone Ayurvedics in Shimla .

“We sell treatments for beauty and well being not cosmetics .We believe anything cosmetic is superficial and harmful to the skin if used on a regular basis . Our products are based on traditional ayurveda and latest clinical research ,” M . Shahid , DGM sales and marketing Ozone Ayurvedics told the Hill Post .

“Our effort is to prevent skin problems in teenagers , maintaining skin health in youth and repair skin damage in women above 25 years with the help of Ozone treatment kits ,” said Shahid .

The Ozone group started its operations in 1991 . The company’s range of skin health products have already been launched in New Delhi , Ludhiana , Amritsar , Patna , Jaipur , Mumbai , Ahmadabad , Chandigarh among other places . Ozone claims more than 1000 beauty parlors are using its products .

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