Man sitting 2,000 miles away helps catch thief

London : A computer expert helped catch a thief, who was 2,000 miles away, with the help of an in-built camera in a stolen laptop.

David Duffy, an IT whiz, turned a detective after his business partner’s holiday home in Spain’s Tenerife island was ransacked. Two Apple MacBooks were stolen from company director Mike Birtwhistle, the Daily Mail reported.

Birtwhistle, 47, informed about the stolen things to Duffy back home and he noticed one of the computers was online.

Using remote control software, Duffy was able to take over the laptop. He then changed its master password and accessed its in-built camera, which allowed him to see through the computer’s screen and take a photograph.

Police in Tenerife recognised the man and both laptops were recovered.

“It is a victory for technology over crime. I would be very cautious these days if I was a crook stealing laptops. The technology available is unbelievable,” Mike was qouted as saying.

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