BJP using language of mafia, says Congress

New Delhi : The Congress Wednesday hit out at the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) for its remarks that price rise could lead to violence, and said such language was not of political parties but of the mafia.

Congress spokesperson Raashid Alvi also took exception to remarks of social activist Anna Hazare that those who create trouble after drinking liquor should be tied to a pole and beaten if they do not heed warnings to desist.

He termed as “unfortunate” BJP leader Yashwant Sinha’s remarks Tuesday that impatience of people with rising prices could manifest in violence.

“These are irresponsible statements. It is very unfortunate. In which direction is BJP taking the country? This country believes in non-violence. It is not the language of political parties but of mafia,” Alvi said.

Without naming Hazare, Alvi said that provoking people to resort to violence against drunkards was against the constitution.

“This will not lead to strengthening of democracy,” he said.

Alvi termed the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) decision to make declaration about not having illegal assets abroad as “a new ploy”, and said it was an attempt to mislead the country.

Noting that candidates file affidavits while contesting elections which detail all their assets, Alvi said those who get elected file a declaration again. “What is the third affidavit which the NDA wants to submit?” he asked.

The Congress spokesperson said boycott of Home Minister P. Chidambaram by the NDA was “another attempt to mislead” the people as there was no court verdict against him nor was he facing a probe in the 2G spectrum case.

Alvi accused the BJP of “creating an atmosphere against a clean person” and said it lowers dignity of parliament.

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  1. says: Netrikkannyayman

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    UTI Chairman, PS Subramanyam, caused UTI to purchase 3.45 lakh shares of little known cyber companies at a price of Rs. 930/= per share!Within a year, the price plummeted to Re.1/= per share!This and other shoddy investments resulted in staggering financial loss to UTI and its investors!He let bigwigs redeem their securities in UTI amounting to Rs.4,000 crores.UTI paid them @ Rs. 14.20 per unitagainst their face value of Rs.10 and NAW rs.8 only!Thus, small investors lost Rs. 1,300 cores!Anticpating small investors redeeming their units, he decared on 4th July,2001 that purchase and sale of US-64 units are frozen for six months!Cpital Fund od UTI fell from Rs.75,000 crores to Rs.50,000 crores!NDA govt had to bail it to the extent of Rs. 3,000 crores only. But pensionsers and small investors lost interest in savings and investment! therewas big uproar in Parliament and he was forced to resign. Yashwant Snha was the Finance Minister ten. He told the House that he was not informed.Thus he escaped.Now he says Chidambaram’s placei is in thihar with Raja! And that dissatisfaction of the public would lead to violence!

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