Tibetan refugees plan anti-China protests on Oct 19

Dharamsala : The Tibetan government in exile said Wednesday it plans to hold protests against Chinese rule on October 19 worldwide to highlight the deepening crisis in Tibet .

“Since March this year the situation is tense in Tibet with rising cases of self-immolation by young Tibetans who find China’s occupation and repression of Tibet intolerable ,” said .

“We express our solidarity with those who lost their lives and with all other Tibetans who are incarcerated for their courage to speak up for the rights of the people,” a spokesman of the Tibetan government-in-exile said in this northern Indian hill town .

“We appeal to the United Nations and all freedom loving countries around the world to show their support and solidarity with the Tibetan people at this critical stage ,” said the official .

“Given the undeclared martial law in Tibetn we urge the international community and the media to send a fact-finding mission to Tibet to ascertain the situation on the ground in Tibet .”

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