Kiran Bedi to return excess airfare to NGO

Bhopal : A NGO in Madhya Pradesh’s Indore city Sunday said that former Indian Police Service officer and Team Anna core committee member Kiran Bedi, who had charged it business class airfare but travelled in economy class for a function, had agreed to return the excess amount.

Bedi admits she charged various NGOs business class airfare while travelling in the lower class, saying the excess money went into her own NGO.

Abhyas Mandal demanded she return the excess amount she had charged while attending their golden jubilee celebrations on May 13, 2009.

Bedi, one of the invitees, had submitted a travel agent bill for Rs.38,871 air fare (Delhi-Indore-Delhi) which they had paid.

“On Oct 27, we have got a mail from Bedi, asking our view on the issue saying that she had travelled in economy class but charged the fare of business class. After a meeting Sunday, we mailed her saying that we need the difference back,” NGO president Shivaji Mohite said.

“Our NGO does not take government or foreign aid and runs on contributions of Rs.20 to Rs.50, so we could not tell her to keep this amount for her own NGO,” he said.

“It is also unfortunate that there was no transparency from her and she had not even told us that she would travel in different class and not the business class for that we had paid her,” Mohite added.

Mohite later said that in reply to their mail, Kiran Bedi said that she has instructed her NGO to return the excess fare.

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