Kejriwal to pay outstanding dues to govt

Ralegan Siddhi : Team Anna member Arvind Kejriwal Sunday said he will pay the dues that government has asked him to cough up for breaking a bond at the time of his resigning from the Indian Revenue Services (IRS).

Kejriwal was slammed a fine of nearly Rs.9 lakh by the IRS, which said his resignation from the department was a violation of terms and was not yet accepted by the department.

Talking to reporters in this Maharashtra village home of Anna Hazare, Kejriwal said he will take loan from his “friends” to pay back the dues.

“I will take loan from my friends,” Kejriwal said replying to a question on how he will pay the dues.

The Income Tax Department has issued notice to Kejriwal asking him to pay his dues of more than Rs.9 lakh by end of October.

The department sent the first notice to Kejriwal in August asking him to pay the dues as he allegedly violated the provisions of the bond under which he went on study leave for two years.

The IT department later set a deadline of Oct 27 for Kejriwal to pay back the dues.

The activist, who was employed in the IRS, took two year’s study leave on full pay in November 2000, after signing a bond to return his salary if he fails to join, resigns, or retires within three years of his study leave.

Kejriwal, however, took leave without pay for 18 months after rejoining at the end of his study leave. He later resigned from service.

The 18 month leave has been termed a violation of bond terms by the department.

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  1. says: Arun Kumar

    Kejriwal has paid the dues only due to pressure on him from all sides, or he would have easily swallowed peoples money… Anna team is doing right job…but Kejriwal and bedi are misleading the team and people..diverting the purpose of the fight.. they want change in the system.. they should go and work from the grassroot level people and bring the change from there (they wont because they dont get media coverage there).. the fact is nearly 75% of the people who support them blindly dose not vote..they will not vote.. all like to spend the day leisurely with the family.. first all the anna followers come out and vote…things will change by itself…

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