Himachal to capture 2 lakh monkeys , Rs 500 price for each monkey

Shimla : Fed up with monkey menace the Himachal Pradesh government Tuesday offered a price of Rs.500 for every monkey that is trapped and handed over.The hill state has over 300,000 monkeys.

The state cabinet met here and decided to sterilize 200,000 monkeys by June 30 next year.

“The cabinet has decided to check the monkey menace more effectively by setting up 25 sterilization centres across the state. These will be equipped with state-of-the-art equipment,” said an official statement.

People trapping monkeys will be given Rs.500 for each animal, it said.

Around 300,000 monkeys target mainly cereal and fruit crops in the hill state. Farmers are the worst sufferers. Followed by tourists and others in urban areas as well .


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  1. says: Ritu

    Its a good effort on the part of the government to control the growth of monkeys as they sure are a menace. but i personally think that asking individuals to capture them is somewnat not right.A layman would use whatever method he feels he ought to use to get hold of a monkey, not giving athought to whether the animalmay get injured in the process. I, being an animal lover feels hurt to see many monkeys walking around without a feet or legs, which they lost to the trappers. so it the duty of the government to see that the animals are caught by professionals and we have no right to hurt them.

  2. says: PradeepR

    On reading Ms Ritu’s mail, I would only immediately agree to what she is pointing out. maiming an animal, and quite often their small offsprings which are easy to trap, for a fault what they do not understand, is something that deserves condemnation as reprehensible ecological crime.
    And yea, since when Indians have started holding high moral ground of reducing the population of monkeys. Going by our world record in populating the planet, it is Indians who should be caught and sterilised first.

    1. So well said!

      To appease and strengthen vote bank our politicians are quick to kill monkeys but do nothing about growing population which is just unmanageable for the geographical area we have!

      Resources pressure is already visible and Himachal is paying heavy price by building dams on almost every river which can generate even smallest amount of power!

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