German lawmakers concerned about rights violations in Tibet

Dharamsala: Expressing concern over human rights violations in Tibet, three German parliamentarians have appealed to their country’s leadership to seek an immediate end to the violence, said a post on the Central Tibetan Administration’s (CTA) website Monday.

In a missive to Chancellor Angela Merkel, the three MPs said: “We hope that you can use the G20 Summit (in Cannes) to call on the Chinese government to respond to the Tibetan people’s legitimate demands with a meaningful dialogue instead of force.”

The Oct 21 letter, by Sabine Weiss, Harald Leibrecht (both members of the ruling coalition), and Sabine Bätzing-Lichtenthäler, said: “The situation inside Tibet is currently escalating at a dramatic pace.”

On ongoing self-immolation protests by monks in Tibet, they said: “The recent self-immolations of eight Tibetan monks and one nun are adding up to a dangerous and possibly explosive atmosphere. In a massive show of force, the Chinese government is deploying more military and police to brutally suppress all forms of resistance.”

“The Tibetan people are suffering and living with a feeling of cultural and religious genocide,” the parliamentarians said, urging Merkel to use all her leverage, so that the Tibetan people’s basic human rights – enshrined in the Chinese constitution – will be respected.

The 76-year-old exiled spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama too expressed concern over the ongoing self-immolation protests in Tibet.

“It’s a sign of deep desperation. Chinese leaders need to look into these incidents more seriously. Ruthlessness only will not be good for all,” he told reporters on reaching Japan Saturday.


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