Four get death penalty for honour killing

Faridkot: A session court, here in Faridkot, handed out a death penalty sentence to four persons convicted in an honour killing murder case.

After going through the evidence placed by the prosecution and the arguments of the defense the judge found Gurmukh Singh, Gurnaib Singh, Resham Singh and Kulbir Sharma guilty of killing 25-year-old Gurpreet Singh in September 2009 for what was apparently an honour killing.

Gurpreet and Manpreet Kaur after having eloped and got married in November 2008 were on the run for 11 months.

Having stayed at different places the runaway couple returned to Faridkot in the belief that Manpreets family had reconciled to the marriage.

On 20th September, the four relatives of Manpreet killed Gurpreet.

During the trail, Manpreet attempted to save her kin by retracting that the murder of her husband was not an honour killing.

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