Short Vidhan Sabha session in Punjab, a mockery of democracy – Congress

Chandigarh: Congress has termed the upcoming three day Vidhan Sabha session as a mockery of democracy and cruel joke on the people of Punjab.

Speaking for the party Sukhpal Khaira, “with no business expected to be transacted on the first session day, lawmakers cannot do justice to the electorate to discusses people related issues in two days.”

“It is extremely unfortunate that a state like Punjab which has lost its sheen over the years and is on a downward trend in all spheres, has no time to debate its woes on the floor of the house,” he said.

The three day session opens up on 3rd October and ends on 5th October.

The congressman held that even the Supreme Court rejecting the Punjab government contention on the Hansi Butana toe wall issue was a direct fallout over lack of debate in the Vidhan Sabha.

“Had the entire house debated threadbare the Hansi – Butana issue and then passed a unanimous resolution, we would not have seen this pathetic situation,” he said.

He warned that more than 100 villages around river Ghaggar in Patiala are likely to face the wrath of this toe wall in the shape of floods but the legislators had not even debated the issue.

Pointing out that each representative had about 25 questions related to his constituency that demand answers from the government, the speaker needs to consider extending the session by atleast a fortnight for healthy debates to take place on the floor of the house.

Havoc caused by floods, rampant corruptions, resentment among employees, political vendetta, precarious financial situation, increasing drug menace and deteriorating law and order situation were some of the issues that demand the immediate attention of the house, says Khaira.

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