Dhumal, Virbhadra claim credit for SC verdict on BBMB projects

Shimla: With the Supreme Court having asked for allotting 7.19 % share to Himachal Pradesh in Bhakra Beas Management Board projects on Tuesday, chief minister Prem Kumar Dhumal and union minister Virbhadra Singh have separately claimed credit for it.

Terming it a landmark judgment Dhumal said that it fetches the state’s rightful share in assets that was divided in accordance with population in November 1966 under Punjab Re-organisation Act.

He said the state was not even helped by the central government, which in court had submitted an affidavit denying Himachal had claim to anymore share than what it was already getting.

He said the central government had been asked to compute the amount of arrears that needed to be paid to Himachal Pradesh by other states for being denied 7.19% share in the projects since 1966. The court has also directed the states to pay 6% interest on the arrears amount.

The chief minister said that congress government at the time of the states formation was responsible for not protecting the state’s share in these projects.

In a communiqué union minister Virbhadra Singh says that the verdict will help Himachal in a big way. It was his government that had approached the Supreme Court in the year 1996 in the matter.

After being denied our just share in the BBMB projects it was the congress government that had taken the matter to court, pleading for its share of 7.19% to be allotted in the BBMB projects, he said.

With the Bhakra and Beas projects located within Himachal Pradesh, the state has sought 12% royalty in addition to its share in the projects, he added.

Former chief minister and senior BJP leader Shanta Kumar termed it as the most historic decision which has protected the interests of the state.

He said that for 45 years the state has been agitating the matter but the centre had failed to correct a wrong. On raising a strong protest in 1977 that the state managed to get 16 MW of power from the Beas Satluj Link project for the first time, said Kumar.

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  1. says: Bhugol Chandel

    Congratulations to Himachal State and its people on this historic and bold judgement by the Supreme Court of India providing a great relief to the state of Himachal Pradesh. This judgement is a landmark judgement in what could have long term ramifications not only for the people of the Himachal Pradesh but also to address and settle internal conflicts among Indian states in terms of sharing natural resources legally and justifiably.

    This judgement will also bring an happy end to a long legal batlle started by Virbhadra Singh government in the year 1996 and followed to the goal line by the successive governments.

    Complete state case as framed by the Himachal Government which was filed in 1996 and the judgement by the Honorable Supreme Court of India is available at http://judis.nic.in/supremecourt/chejudis.asp and selecting Date of Judgement from the left menu and doing search for judgements from 27th Sept, 2011 to 27th Sept, 2011

    This case is also a good example for Indian States to settle their conflicts by legal means and without loosing patience.

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