Dalai Lama opens Tibet exhibition in Mexico

Dharamsala : Hollywood actor Richard Gere among others were present as the Dalai Lama opened an exhibition, ‘Tibet :memories of a lost nation’ in Mexico’s Mexico city late Saturday.

The five museum rooms display not only repression of the Tibetan people under China,but also highlight the timeline of the Dalai Lama’s life and some aspects of Tibetan Buddhist culture, a spokesman of the Tibetn government-in-exile said.

Later the Tibetan spiritual leader delivered his discourse to the local Buddhist Mexican community on ‘Eight verses of training the mind’.More than 3,500 people attended the talk.

Asked by local reporters to comment on the situation in Mexico, the Dalai lama said, “Even though the media has been projecting so much violence in this country, only a handful of people are actually engaged in violence while the rest of the people are peaceful.”

He also explained the middle-way to approach and resolve the issue of Tibet as well as China’s approach.

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