New Traffic plan drawn out for Shimla

Shimla : With the opening of the new Inter State Bus Stand(ISBT) in the popular resort town of Shimla Monday a new traffic movement has been announced.

Buses coming from Chandigarh,Bilaspur,Nahan terminating at Shimla will now directly go to the new ISBT at Tutikandi.On return journey these buses will originate from ISBT Titikandi,officials said.

Buses coming from upper Shimla and Kinnaur and terminating at Shimla will continue operating via Chotta Shimla,Bemloe,Old bus stand and will terminate at ISBT Tutikandi.

For return journey these buses will now originate from ISBT Tutikandi and will continue to operate via Lakkar bazar,Dhalli and to further destinations.

The buses coming from upper Shimla and Kinnaur going towards Chandigarh,Bilaspur,Nahan side will operate via Dhalli by-pass,Sanjauli,Chotta Shimla,Khalini chowk,Kanlog,Lalpani to ISBT Tutikandi.Those on the way back will continue via Lakkar bazar Dhalli after dropping of passengers at ISBT Tutikandi.

The old ISBT will now function as the local bus stand within Shimla town as well the outskirts within a radius of 30 km.

All local circuit buses operating within Shimla town from various locations such as New Shimla’Sanjauli,Vikasnagar,Panthaghati,Summer hill and Shogi will continue to operate from the old bus stand,some will be extended to the new ISBT to provide better connectivity.

Connectivity between ISBT Tutikandi and six important hubs in the town, the Old bus stand,Tutu/Summerhill,Lakkar bazar,New Shimla,Vikasnagar/Panthaghati and Sanjauli/Dhalii will be ensured from early morning to late evening,officials said.

Also special recognition stickers will be given to the buses operating from the Old bus stand.

Advanced reservation facilities will be provided by HRTC through online reservation systaem or at four HRTC counters at ISBT Tutikandi,the Old bus stand, the Tourist Information Centre on the mall and at Lakkar bazar.

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