Left plans Himachal protests against Anna Hazare’s arrest on tuesday

Shimla :Condemning the arrest of Anna Hazare and the ban on his hunger strike in Delhi the state unit of CPM said Monday that the party would hold protests and demonstrations across Himachal Pradesh against Tuesday, against what it called, “this authoritarian move.”

The CPM reiterated that the official Lokpal bill presented in parliament “is weak and inadequate.”

The part believes that Rashtriya Jan Lokpal should cover the PM along with elected representatives and group A of the bureaucracy should be brought under the ambit of the Lok Pal bill.

The Central Vigilance Commission(CVC) should investigate corruption and take action against the mid-level bureaucracy.

The Judicial Standard and Accountability Lokpal which would strengthen the existing judicial accountability and standards bill currently in parliament .It would also ensure that the judiciary is also made effective and accountable without compromising its independence.

The Public Grievances Lokpal to set up an effective and time-bound system for grievance redress for common citizens to make government answerable in terms of functions,duties, commitments and obligations towards citizens.

Whistleblower protection Lokpal to strengthen the existing public interest disclosure and protection to persons making the disclosure bill that is currently before parliament, and to ensure protection to whistle blowers.

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  1. says: Neha

    What more can we expect with most of the ministers being corrupt to the core. They say making law is for the parliament and not of those in the street. Did they forget that they came to parliament only because of them. If the members of the parliament have become impotent and fraudulent naturally those who elected these idiots will come to the streets to press their demands. Did these people fall from heaven all of a sudden as MPs and ministers? forget not- it is the people who elected you

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