Himachal High Court cancels bail of four accused in fake judgment case

Shimla: The High Court on Tuesday cancelled the bail applications of four accused, which includes brother of a former minister, in a criminal case related to preparation of a fake judgment of the High Court itself.

Passing the order, Justice Kuldip Singh observed that “Session judge has committed impropriety in granting bail to bail applicants in the presence of observations and the seriousness of the case noticed by this court.”

Setting aside the orders passed by Session Judge, Shimla on the bail applications of Kuldeep Rao, Duni Chand Yadav, Dinesh Kapoor and Shivender Batish, the High Court judge Justice Kuldip Singh asked all of them to surrender before the police immediately.

The four along with advocate Haresh Sood are accused of having prepared a forged judgment in a criminal case in which they along with their daughters are co-accused about allegedly having bought examination papers of the combined pre-medical test (CPMT) held in the year 2006.

The CPMT case was made out after investigations came up with that questions papers for securing a seat in medical colleges had been allegedly sold that year.

Based upon the CPMT fake judgment, Kuldeep Rao, an executive engineer with PWD and a brother of former minister Rangila Ram Rao, had attempted to obtain promotion benefits which landed him and the others into the police net.

Rao and Sood were arrested on 24.5.2011 but were granted bail by the lower court on 28.5.2011. Taking cognizance of the matter that the High Court cancelled the bails of the duo on 29th June and Rao was taken again taken into custody on 2nd July. He was released again on bail on 18th July.

Earlier during detention, Rao and Sood had let investigators know that Shivender Batish, Dinesh Kapoor and Duni Chand Yadav were also allegedly party to preparing of the fake judgment.The three were arrested on 3.6.2011 and were released on bail on 11th and 13th July.

The bail application of advocate Haresh Sood was however, dismissed by lower court on 21st July.

Again acting on a suo motto basis the High Couurt observed that the accused are not coming up with truth and they are misleading so as to mis-direct the investigation.

Shivender Batish, Dinesh Kapoor, Duni Chand Yadav and Kuldeep Rao after releasing on bail and joining investigation have resiled for their earlier stand, the judge observed while cancelling their bail in the case.

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  1. says: Mohan Verma

    Is it not Congress leaders and their kith and kin who always indulge in such fraud and corruption cases. The court has taken a welcome step despite the accused tried to keep away from custody.

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