Himachal Geo-informatics center to be operational by year end – Ravi

Shimla: An ambitious Aryabhatta Geo-Informatics and Space Application Centre (AGiSAC) that would enable layering of developmental data with GIS mapping for formulating micro planning would start functioning by end of the year, cabinet minister Ravinder Ravi disclosed here on Monday.

After presiding over a election manifesto cabinet sub-committee consisting of health minister Rajiv Bindal and rural development minister Jai Ram Thakur, he said a state centre for climate change was also being established.

Soon after hearing a lecture by TP Singh, director BISAG institute, Gujarat in November, 2010, chief minister Prem Kumar Dhumal had announced setting up a state geo-informatics and space application centre based on the Gujarat model.

The technology developed by Bhaskaracharya Institute For Space Applications Gujarat (BISAG) institute was to be applied for application by the revenue, forest, education, health, agriculture, horticulture and rural development departments in the first phase.

By super imposing land revenue data, layered with road, industry and other relevant data on a GIS map the Gujarat institute has enabled the state government to take to early and informed decisions.

Based on the technology application, a decision for identifying suitable land for re-locating Nano plant in Gujarat was taken in three days got done within hours, director Singh had disclosed in his lecture.

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  1. says: PradeepR

    On most economic indicators, Gujarat under Narendra Modi is hurtling leaps and bounds, while pseudo-seculars and appeasers in other states have aptly concealed their incompetence from the public by jumping into the bandwagon of Modi-bashing. Surely, Modi’s Gujarat in heading toward becoming an India’s Israel in terms of economic turnaround as well as be in position to boast about economic uplift of muslims in Gujarat – just as Israel boasts of Arab muslims prosperity in its democratic country. If Hamas desperados of Palestine have been hopping mad nand are at their suicide bombing best, has anyone’s attention been drawn to why millions of Arab in Israel do not bite the Jihadi bait? By the time people of these states realise that they have been conned in the din of Modi-bashing anthems, it will be too late. If H.P government has taken a a leaf from Gujarat models, it is a welcome step and is a rare (emphasis provided, RARE!) display of its economic shrewdness! A word for Osama fans: never forget the power of technology – it made deserts bloom in Israel and it got Osama. Mind it!

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