Water crisis in Shimla despite rains

Shimla : The early onset of the monsoon hasn’t eased the water crisis in Shimla,instead it has aggravated it.

For the last couple of days the civic authorities haven’t been able to lift water at three major water sources supplying water to the town.

Media reports said MC storage tanks all over the hill station are running almost dry,despite the demand being heavy as the tourist rush is still heavy.

Most of the areas have been receiving very little supply. While some areas have had no supply since the last two days.

“We can understand water problem in the dry season, but a water crisis during the monsoon is beyond our understanding,” said one resident.

“Why can’t there be a permanent solution to filtering the silt at water sources,” said another.

The tourist rush has eased a little, but is likely to pick up again over the weekend.

A large demand is being met by MC and private water tankers.

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  1. says: PradeepR

    Water is one of the most abused and least understood of lifeline resources. Its shortage and eventual disappearnce can premturely decide the fate of survival of the dependent communities. I think situation is heading for a hard choice soon – between to please the tourist, or survive!.

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