Sales galore on Shimla’s Mall

Shimla’s mall street is seeing sales like never before during the monsoon season, with almost all apparel stores offering sales of their products.

Majority of this famous street stores are apparel outlets in fashion crazy Shimla where woollens can be worn throughout the year.The Mall is unique as you find only walkers here, and no vehicular traffic is allowed on this street.

Some of the biggest MNC brands like Reebok,Wranglers,Levi’s,Tommy Hilfiger, Adidas,Arrow,Puma,Nike,Octave,Pepe,John Players Madame,Woodland and others have opened outlets here.

In fact Arrow opened its first store here over the weekend and began with a big sale.

When MH spoke to several regular local shoppers they said they have never seen these kinds of sale offers in Shimla during the rainy season.

Since Shimla is a round the year destination for holiday makers, tourists also shop at these stores in large numbers,say members of the Mall Business Association.

Some of the most popular stores for decades have closed down in recent years and have been taken over by MNC big brands.

Even though some of these brands are not doing great business due to high rentals on the Mall .Many say the big brands are simply happy being present here as this gets them a lot of publicity in an important tourist destination like Shimla.

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