Red light vehicles cause Shimla traffic jams

Shimla : Revolving flasher red light beacons or equipped with hooters and fluttering flags VIP vehicles are a major cause of traffic jams in Shimla’s busy circular(cart road) among other reasons, says the police.

A survey conducted by the local police has cited 28 reasons for traffic jams on the cart road including this one.

These VIP vehicles tend to overtake others on the congested circular road leading to traffic jams.

For fear of annoying VIPs who are mostly top politicians, bureaucrats and police officers the traffic police does not muster courage to regulate the movement of these vehicles.

Even on the sealed and restricted roads these VIP vehicles always cross the 20 km speed barrier, complain daily walkers.

Around 200 vehicles are registered in the city every day. During the busy tourist season around 3000 tourist vehicles also fight for space on Shimla’s narrow roads.

The Himachal Pradesh government has been constantly been criticised for not building enough parking lots in the city.

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  1. says: Rivesh

    VIP vehicles are real nuisance on road. The most drivers of VIP are notorious and behave very arrogantly with traffic police and other people driving personal vehicles. The Officer who virtually occupy the whole of rear seat perhaps enjoy the drivers misconduct. I appeal all citizens to at least blow horn at those vehicles so that the officer and driver at least recognize the abuse showered on them. Citizens must not have any fear from them as the they are masters and rearing these public servants on public money.

  2. says: Vishal Sadyal

    Very well agree with you……….Do not Fear Any Goverment Official but do make sure that you try to be good citigen of this country………………
    Well about Babus and Politicians …..Time has come to reduce their perks and Benefits …Babus should be made to travel in Public transport….unless and until they face the hardship of Common Man Things will never improve………..
    Please join and Promote Anti Corruption Movement

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