Nepalese have mobile phones without papers in Himachal

Shimla : Even though mobile operating companies insist they have become strict in the last couple of years before issuing mobile connections without proper documents of customers.But in reality the rules are being flouted and the security of the state is being compromised.

Sources say mobile connections can be procured easily anywhere in the state without essential documents like identity and address proof,particularly in the small towns of Himachal Pradesh.

There is an influx of thousands foreign Nepalese nationals and other migratory labourers in the state from Bihar, UP, Jharkhand,Rajasthan among other states who have easily procured a mobile connection without proper documents and their verification.

There are also cases where retailers of mobile instruments and sim cards first issue the connections in their own names. But soon after apply to the concerned mobile companies asking for cancellation of the connection in their names.

Huge number of Nepalese nationals come to work as labourers among other jobs all across Himachal.Some of them are sometimes involved in crime here.Some even have known to have maoist links according to the state police.

There are a dozen mobile companies operating in Himachal Pradesh.The hill state has already achieved 100 per cent mobile density last year.

But sources say the biggest violaters while issuing mobile connections without papers are retailers of Bharti Airtel,Reliance and BSNL.

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