Cabinet sub-committee recommends relaxing of land rules

Shimla: Cabinet sub-committee headed by revenue minister Thakur Gulab Singh Thakur on Monday recommended relaxation of state land rules by permitting purchase of residential plots for eminent persons.

By proposing an amendment in the HP Tenancy and Land Reforms Rules, 1975, the cabinet sub-committee that the residential plots should be of minimum 150 square meters and maximum of 500 square meters.

Other ministers on the cabinet sub-committee which included IPH minister Ravinder Singh Ravi, industry minister Kishan Kapoor and rural development minister Jai Ram Thakur along with Gulab Singh also recommended giving relief to the bonafide Himachalis residing in the state for generations to buy residential and commercial plots in committee areas without obtaining any permission.

The sub-committee has proposed that the bonafide Himachali may be liberally given permission to purchase land in rural areas. It also recommended that Padma Shri and gallantry award winners be allowed to purchase residential plots in the state.

The revenue minister said that sub-committee has also proposed uniform rate for lease value. For land lease for 99 years the rates would be enhanced by five percent every five years whereas for land leased for 40 years the rates would be enhanced by 3.5 percent every five years, he said.

It was also proposed that for industries, tourism, hydel projects, educational institutions, Information Technology/Bio Technology units and religious purposes, the concerned department would make specific mention in issuing of an essentiality certificate that the proposed land was appropriate for the purpose and proposed activities could not be done in a lesser area.

This has been done to ensure optimum use of land in the state and no changes or amendments have been proposed in Section 118. Only minor changes have been proposed in the Tenancy and Land Reforms Rules in order to make it more stringent and realistic, said Thkur Gulab Singh.

Recommendations of the sub-committee are to be placed before the cabinet in its next meet.

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  1. says: Vishal Sadyal

    Well without even land reform almost all hill stations are occupied by Senior Army Officers and Bureaucrats.
    We don’t need to conclude that what dubious means they must have used.
    And minister need to justify what value addition will be to himachal by giving retired officers plots which will be converted into some guest House with no proper paper work.
    Once they relax rules for Bona Fide Himachali officials will make good money to add more people into the list.
    They should set up expert committee hire people from universities and try to de congest cities not even one city in Himachal is planned.
    Places like Hamirpur , Shimla ,dharamshala rather all cities are so congested and in absolute term decaying. After Angrez not even single Government could plan infrastructure or gauge growth of Population.
    Why can’t we have shimla or roads what we see in Pictures..
    AND PLEASE dont blaim this on Population…….

  2. says: Amit

    Relaxation for eminent persons ?? Dear Minister , don’t act foolish . You seems intererted in settling your own eminent personalities who only comes for a week or month to the state and leaving the apartments of no use for rest of the year.
    Is it a goverment for common people or emimnent persons ?

    Instead of making any reform you guyz are relaxing the norms.

    We already have sufficient relaxed land laws which has resulted in exploitation of land laws.

    I think , this committee was formed to plug loopholes in already existing laws , not to make bigger holes in law.

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