8 Denied Bail For College Violence

Shimla: A fast track court here granted bail to 31 students who were arrested for violence on a college campus but custody of 8 others was extended because of being repeated offenders.

Making a distinction based on the track records of the 39 students held between July 7 and 10th for having clashed at Kotshere Government College, presiding additional session judge of the fast track court Virender Singh denied bail to 8 of them.

Their bail is now expected to be taken up on July 23rd, when the case comes up for next hearing. Those denied bail include Chanderkant, Nagin Sharma, Pawan Kumar, Atul Sharma, Rajiv Rattan, Ashish Singta, Munish Sharma and Prem Singh, said a police spokesman.

After supporters affiliated with ABVP and SFI had clashed outside the college in which stone pelting and hitting with sticks was resorted to, police had made the arrests of the students involved.

The two groups of students had allegedly clashed over wooing of fresher students into joining the rival political outfits.

Five students and two policemen, who had tried to keep the two groups apart during the fight, had suffered injuries from stone pelting in the incident.

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  1. says: PradeepR

    Pleasant news for the peace loving people in general and newcoming students in particular. Medical expenses for the injured should be charged from those guilty of violence, besides the salutary punishment and fines prescribed by the criminal laws. Rustication is another instrument, which alma maters should be using more frequently to send a clear message for those with itch for violence ans stunts.

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