35 arrested for college campus violence

Shimla: Police arrested 35 rioter students and were on the lookout for more of those who had clashed on Wednesday that left at least 8 persons, including 3 policemen, injured.

Investigating police officer Gareeb Dass said that 35 students had been arrested after cases under sections 147, 148, 149, 188, 323, 353, 332 of Indian Police Act were been made out against them.

Supporters affiliated with ABVP and SFI had clashed outside Kotshere Government College, Shimla in which stone pelting and hitting with sticks was resorted to that had left many injured.

Trouble is said to have broken out at the college campus over wooing of fresher students into joining rival political outfits.

A police report states that with several police personnel on law and order duty, a batch of about 70 ABVP workers that included Ashish Sigta, Vikas, Ankush Bamta and Varun Thakur were seen shouting slogans in support of their organization.

The situation become tense when about 80 SFI workers, which included Chander Kant Verma, Nagin, Kapil and Yoginder came from another direction and were also shouting slogans.

Police attempted to keep the two groups apart to avoid a clash but soon stone pelting started and sticks were used.

Constable Mukesh Kumar was hit with a stone on the face and another one Lalit Kumar suffered injuries in the back, said a police spokesman.

Five students also suffered injuries and were treated at a hospital after a medico-legal case was made out.

Campus politics is believed to be the cause of the violence as elections to students bodies are due in a month and hectic lobbying for winning the students body council elections is being aggressively pursued by rival camps.

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  1. says: VIVEK MOHAN.

    Last week Parikshet Sahni and i met for about 2 hrs. for coffee in Juhu talking about what Shimla was and what it should be…
    What it is – a cocktail of (drugs,drinks and discussions on the Mall mostly futile) village mindsets making a dent into the cosmo fabric.(Even Mrs. Mahajan,The principal,in a sound byte on Z Punjabi’s Himachal news @ 8 few days ago spoke about the “outsiders” invasion)She used to teach us Chemistry in GC Sanjauli.
    The very stones so called students pelted on one another should be carried back from where ever they’ve come from to build the infrastructure esp. edu est’s under MNREGA as that’s the only skill they are capable of !
    If pol affiliations and aspirations make them ‘undo’ what they do some one tell them to look at their pol masters who can’t even get together as on to get the legitimate rights of Himachal since long from the Centre !
    As filmmaker ,a case in point, i grew up on watching Bengali films in Regal @ 10 on Sun morn’s and world/foreign cinema in Regal,Ritz and Rivoli from 5-7 even slots.Those were the days,my friend,we thought would never end…
    “If” we only bring end to all this s***.
    Ifs and Buts.
    The year end ‘Mashobra-Baldeyan-Durgapur’ type dividing rather uniting events should take a back seat and instead bring M-B-D books upfront.
    Then if you study you don’t have to struggle !

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