Six killed in Himachal accident

Atleast six people were killed and two others injured seriously when a jeep fell into a 300 metre deep gorge in Shimla district’s Nerwa area.

Local newspaper reports said the vehicle was on its way from Chopal to Delhi Saturday when the driver lost control on a sharp bend and the vehicle rolled down the hill.

Four died on the spot while two others died on way to hospital.

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  1. says: PradeepR

    I keep wondering why don’t we hear of so many accidents in other hill states of Uttrakhand and J&K? Or for that matter even Arunachal and Meghalya, which are bestowed with some of most trecherous turns and gorges…

  2. says: Amar

    Recently it was in news that so many engineers were promoted as chief engineers in the PWD. Not only those who had retired but even those who had died. What for? For poor construction and maintenance of roads?
    There are many black spots and black holes on national highways and on other roads and most of the road accidents occur due to bad roads which is a common feature in this state because none is accountable.
    Even NH 22 which is also a border road and was damaged in last rainy season could not be repaired till the next rainy season despite repeated statements of our govt. that the work would be started as soon as the ‘sky clears’. Has’nt the sky cleared since last year?
    Accidents are bound to happen unless the roads are maintained!

    1. says: Avnish Katoch

      My family members travelled from Chandigarh to Baijnath this weekend after a gap of 1 year. The road is same. Around Chintpurni, it’s in same worst shape as it was 3 years when I travelled on very same road.

      So much hype by current regime for development.

      I see nothing changed even in 3 years.

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