Secretariat babus caught playing cards in office !

At least a dozen idle babus of the Himachal Pradesh government have been caught playing cards in the state secretariat premises during office hours.

A local newspaper report said the secretariat administration has been receiving complaints for some time about unruly employees flouting rules and playing cards in the premises.

A raid party swooped in and caught the dozen or so fellows playing cards with great gusto.They are said to be mostly drivers and peons.A probe has been ordered into the incident,sources said.

Unlike the rest of the state government employees, staffers of the state secretariat cannot be transferred.Due to this many are often absconding from work even as the files pile up.

But they have been reined in to some extent with the help of technology by the state government during the past year or so with the starting of biometric system.

Despite opposition this system now makes it compulsory for incoming and outgoing babus to punch in at the entrance.Late comers and early leavers end up in trouble.

Some say some of the frustrated office caged babus have now taken to card playing in a big way and hence the action by the state government.

In the past there have even been incidents of liquor consumption and gambling in the secretariat premises.

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  1. says: PradeepR

    Sometimes I wonder why poor(?) babus should be hauled up for playing cards, when watching and discussing cricket during the office hours has become a national passtime and a Consitution right – drawing its powers from our fundamental “Right To No Work”. The State government should not only allow playing cards in the office, but also make it compulsary and organise inter-departmental tournaments. Any citizen questioning them should be be made to pay exemplary fine.

    1. says: Rajneesh

      Dear Mr. Pradeep,

      Not all Babus are really poor, only those “Babus” are poor who have no guts to be corrupt or dont charge out of the way for their officials services..some Babus are so rich..that they can even BUY Mercedes Benz unofficially 😉

  2. says: Vikram S Thakur

    If this is what’s going on in HP Secretariate right under the nose of high profile politicians, it is anybody’s guess as to what might be going on in far flung government offices. This is a good reflection on our work culture. We just do not respect the place where we work. Most of us go to work not to help people, but as a necessity.
    Why blame only these drivers and peons? What about the babus who are involved in the decision making process? We suffer because of these officials. They just do not work in a timely manner. The files that come to them for whatsoever reason are not cleared on time or in some cases are not even looked at.
    The chief Minister and the other high profile officials are all aware of what goes on in government offices, but do not take any logical action. Politicians are worried about their votes and the bureaucrats about being transferred to some remote area in the state. If we start respecting our work places, I do not see any reason for anybody to go to the government doorstep to get the needful done.

  3. says: jaideep lath

    Absolutely,you can experience it almost in every government office.The babus are ordering the peons to bring tea from the near by tea stalls.The peons are doing nothing but only keeping eyes on people who come their to get their work done.They know exactely who you are and what is your problem.These things are important for them because the file related to different problems can fetch different prices in the shape of demanding bribe from the customer or the visitor to that office.It is my own experience many times.If someone needs to be done his job,you pay the price tag for your related job then your file starts moving from one place to an other place.Who carries the file from one babu’s table to another babu’s table,he is the dirty peon who knows exactly which one is your file and the price tag hanging on your file..In my opinion the governments offices should not anymore create new jobs for peons,because they are also a part of corruption in our society.We the citizens of india are paying their salaries and then we have to pay them also to buy extra things in the shape of bribe.I think if i am in some office i do not hesitate to carry my file to pass over to another officer or babu.But i do not want to carry tea for them,i am not their mother or wife.If the babus want a tea carrier they should better bring their wives to carry whole day tea from them from the tea stalls.In developed nations like America or England you can not find peons etc.The officers or clerks carry the files or papers themselves and pass it over to his colleague himself.It is the part of their job so it can also be possible in government offices.
    Jaideep lath

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