Himachal congress for enquiry into land lease to Baba Ramdev

Shimla: With congress party having fallen foul with Baba Ramdev, the state unit of the party here had demanded an inquiry into leasing a large patch of land to the organization run by the yoga guru.

State congress president Kaul Singh said that Himachal Pradesh was not benefiting in any manner from the handing out a lease of 127 bigha’s of land for Baba Ramdev’s organization in Solan for one rupee.

The case needs to be investigated how such prime land was leased out for a token amount, said Kaul Singh.

Justifying the police action against the yoga guru at Ramlila ground in Delhi, the congress president said that the yoga session had been misused as it was used for instigating people against the government.

He has asked the guru to desist from obstructing the government in discharging its constitutional obligations.

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  1. says: Rajneesh

    Dear Mr. Kaul Singh,

    First Please Look Into Commissions distributed by Kalmadi, A Raja, Dyanidhi Maran and Quotrochi for Bofors Scandals and VIP treatments to traitors like Gelani & Yasin Malik By Congress ! Then See Where BABA Ramdev is going to make a Yoga Centre in HP.

    Mr. Kaul Singh really scared of Baba Ramdev Now ! Everyone knows it with above press statement !

  2. says: jaideep lath

    Oblidging Officers,famous people,leaders,industrialist,politicians means that the oblidger expects some obligation back from them.I think that Baba is also oblidged by the government.It is no harm to oblidge Baba giving 127 bighas of land but government should not only oblidge him to give this land of government,which at the end of the day also belongs to the public.The government should sign a written aggrement very clearly in favour of the state and the public together with Baba on such conditions that the trust activities should be in favour of the prosperity of public and the state and giving priorty to natural resources,if not then the land deal will be cancelled from the same day and that organisation should not only be black listed in the state but in the entire states of the country.We shall notice that only the serious and honest people will come forward to sign these deals.Thanks.
    Jaideep Lath

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