Dhumal visitors break Shimla sealed road laws !

The sealed road from Shimla club to Chotta Shimla these days has begun to look like the crowded,congested and ordinary cart road,with vehicles including taxis driving past or parked boldly on this sealed route outside the Oak Over, the official residence of the state chief minister.

People visiting chief minister P.K.Dhumal now park their vehicles anywhere on this sealed road without fear.This is unheard of say old timers !

Strangely traffic policemen are allowing this unauthorised entry,they also help the law breakers to park these vehicles anywhere on this road—–after all they are visitors of the biggest VVIP in town the chief minister.

According to law entering this road without a vehicle permit can invite a penalty of Rs 3000, but who cares, when the administration is allowing and even encouraging CM visitors to enter and park on this prized road which is a walkers’ delight.

The few permit holders have to maintain a maximum speed of 20 km per hour so that walkers are not disturbed.While passing the palatial Oak Over even the blowing of a horn is prohibitted.But these days the vehicles speed past with blaring horns.

Visitors of another VVIP in town also broke traffic rules today by driving to union minister Virbhadra Singh’s house in Jakhu on his birthday.Most drove to congratulate him at Holy Lodge even though they did not have sealed and restricted road permits.

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  1. says: Avnish Katoch

    I wonder what would have happened to Shimla or other major towns if we had more industry and VVIPS (industrialists or movie stars)?

    Himachal state machinery planners are just pure failures so far!

    My home town Baijnath has no place for pedestrians now as local traffic keeps single lane National Highway totally occupied.

    Shops are full of dirt and noise and other pollution is part of daily lives.

  2. says: Rupesh Gupta

    VVIP’s Have made life miserable in this Country. Don’t know when will our laws be strict enough so that even VVIPs are punished.

  3. says: Devinder K. Sharma

    The only difference between the developed world and us(India) is that there is rule of law in the developed world. In India. the custodians of law are basically the first ones to infringe and demolish the framework of law. It is only here that the legal provisions and processes are the hand-maidens of those in power whereas for the common man, these are used as a measure of torture rather than comfort. Unfortunately, all the governments in power vex eloquent on these aspects and actually do nothing towards sensible implementation because it hurts their and their cronies interests.

  4. says: Shriniwas Joshi

    Himachal is a ‘soft State’. Anybody can break any law. I am witness to an owner of a vehicle with Delhi number scolding the policeman just at a point where the road trifurcates – one going to Jakhu, the other to the Mall and the third to the Secretariat, not far from Shimla Club. He would not have dared to utter a word, had it been Haryana or Delhi police. The policeman had simply said that the vehicle could not be driven here without a permit. The young fob got down of the driver’s seat and started exchanging hot words. I could hear “I know more than you know about the CM’s security.” There were many passers by enjoying the one-sided exchange of words.
    As a Shimla-lover and conservationist, it pinches me when the rules that we have cherished since our childhood get broken. Continue writing, Baldev.
    -Shriniwas Joshi

  5. says: RKS

    Himachal is virtually on sale. Most of the vehicles on these sealed roads bear the numbers of Punjab, Haryana and Delhi. How instantly permits are provided to them is beyond imagination. There are sure some mafia handling these bigwigs.
    Many residential localities are full of the flats bought by these occasional visitors. Their contribution in terms of maintenance charges is nil and thus spoiling the environment of permanent inhabitants. Builders including HIMUDA also own no responsibility after sale. This is a special case in our state whereas, other states charges some monthly maintenance fee from all people having residential apartments.

    For Shimlaites, tourism is creating a lot of problems. These residents are in return getting nothing in return for inconvenience. For locals there is huge problem of traffic congestion. We cannot move out these days. There is no traffic sense and the places including The Mall have been made very dirty. Money alone cannot bring civic sense, is felt very true when we see these uncivilized tourists traveling in showy vehicles. There are distbins all around but the ‘garbage inside head’ cannot make them think in civilized way. Poor Shimlaites! People riding over them and making their ‘pahadia’.

  6. says: Vishal Sadyal

    Like any other city in India EVEN towns and cities are decaying in Himachal.
    We can blame Corruption for this ………………..

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